Photos by Harrison Sutcliffe

Fishing season ended, or did it?

I had a great Spring, Summer and Fall of fishing on the Kings River. Caught and released many fine fish. Made a ton of memories and never fished the “same” water twice. I love the thrill of 6lb test line quickly stripping straight out of the reel and the occasional Zip and POW as a big smallie breaks away and leaves nothing behind except a weightless line, a deep breath, a few cuss words and admiration from getting bested by something with a brain no bigger than a lead split shot. The ones that got away are the ones I seem to remember the most. You know, the ones that you were sure were going to be a world record. It’s not a bad thing to lose a fish. If I didn’t occasionally lose a fish and leave enough for the imagination, much of the excitement and surprise of fishing would be gone.