Photos by Harrison Sutcliffe

The 5 Stages of Fishing

Stage 1- I just want to catch fish.

Stage 2- I want to catch a lot of fish.

Stage 3- I want to catch big fish.

Stage 4- I’m just happy to be out fishing.

Stage 5- I want to pass on my knowledge and passion about fishing. 

At this age in my life, I’m happily in stage 5. I entered this stage a few years ago teaching my kids to fish the Kings River. I bet you can see different stages in the things you love. Running? Gardening? Biking? Playing Music? Painting?  I love to teach others and get immense pleasure when the enlightenment comes and they understand that it’s not about the fish anymore. I have a favorite fish (smallmouth) but it’s never really been about the fish. I’m gonna write it down and pass it on. I fondly remember and appreciate those that passed it on to me. 

“The core of mans spirit comes from new experiences.”